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Joined: 3rd Jan 2015
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3rd Jan 2015

I also posted this over at Mercenaries, repeating myself.

Would there be any interest in an ultimate guide for Starsiege? There isn't really any good one readily available online for statistics, strategy, and game walkthrough. The most in-depth game guide (Prima's) has nothing about vehicles, and the game manual doesn't come with a walkthrough. Not to mention that newbs will dive headfirst into multiplayer unaware of SMOD/SCAP abuse and other metagame tricks.

In order to remedy that, I have been slowly but steadily trying to put together a full-color detailed guide to Starsiege, for my own enjoyment if for nothing else, meant to collect everything known about the game into one accessible pdf. The question is, would anyone be interested in it besides me? And if so, do you have any cool in-game screenshots you'd like me to put in?
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12th Jan 2015

That would be great, I'll help, and could get some others input as well. 
Joined: 3rd Jan 2015
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14th Jan 2015

Yay! For now I think photos are the best, I already have most of the vehicle, weapon, component, and walkthrough sections written up. Also, if anyone managed to get screencaps of all the weapon bullet/beam colors and shapes that would be awesome, but I'm not holding my breath...
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